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News :

  • The administrator will be offline and unavailable from 9/12/2015-9/19/2015. Posts are scheduled for this week and will automatically be published, but site navigation pages will not be updated. Apologies for any inconveniences.
  • 8/21/2015: Tutoring now offered
  • 8/16/2015: New worksheet added
  • 8/16/2015: Subscribe messages for non-Wordpress followers updated
  • 8/10/2015: An announcement: I will be heading back to class on August 19th, 2015. The rate of posting on the site may slow down, but will not stop altogether.
  • 8/03/2015: Phrases and media updated
  • 8/03/2015: New worksheets added
  • 7/28/2015: You may now request a lesson to be posted on the site
  • 6/30/2015: New worksheets added
  • 6/30/2015: Phrases and media updated
  • 6/30/2015: New links added to resources
  • 6/29/2015: About page added to menu
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  • 6/26/2015: An announcement: The site is updated on Mondays and Fridays. If you aren’t following the blog or haven’t signed up for e-mail alerts, you should check back for new content on those two days.